Charge360ev Survey
As electric vehicles become more prevalent, there's a growing need for more charging solutions. Charge360ev is an app that enables individuals and businesses with home EV chargers to rent them out. It also allows those with portable charging batteries to provide on-the-spot assistance to EV users for a fee. The app ensures a seamless payment process with secure transactions, guaranteeing hosts are paid.
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1. Do you own an electric vehicle and/or an EV charging port?
2. Are you interested in sharing your home EV charging port or garage with an EV charger (inside or outside) for extra income?
3. If willing to rent your home charging port, what would be your desired fee per session (excluding power charges)?
4. Do you have a portable charging battery of 3kWh or higher?
5. Would you be willing to provide on-location assistance to EV drivers by bringing your portable charging battery to them for a service fee?
6. If "Yes" to providing mobile charging, what fee would you set for a 3kWh charge and service within 10 miles?
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